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From Scratch Book Summary & Review – Embrace the Journey of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home

  • Author: Tembi Locke
  • Originally published: April 30, 2019
  • Page Count: 339 pages, Hardcover
  • Genre: Memoir, Romance

Welcome book lovers, avid readers, and fellow adventurers! Today, we embark on a captivating journey through the pages of ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home,’ penned by the talented author, Tembi Locke. As the title suggests, this poignant memoir takes us on a heartwarming expedition filled with love, loss, and the undeniable allure of Sicily. With her masterful storytelling, Locke effortlessly blends the essence of family, culture, and the unbreakable bond of love. A true feast for the senses, ‘From Scratch’ unveils a mesmerizing tapestry of emotions against the picturesque backdrop of Sicily. So, grab your literary passport and immerse yourself in the flavors of life, as we dive into this soul-stirring narrative, leaving no page unturned.

From Scratch Book Summary

In ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home,’ Tembi Locke artfully weaves a tapestry of love, resilience, and the pursuit of belonging. At its heart, this captivating memoir is a testament to the extraordinary power of love and its ability to transcend borders and cultural barriers.

The narrative commences with the author, Tembi Locke, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she falls deeply in love with Saro, an enigmatic Sicilian chef. Their love story blossoms in the bustling streets of Florence, but their union faces opposition from Saro’s traditional Sicilian family, grappling with the idea of embracing a foreign daughter-in-law.

As the couple confronts adversity, they find solace and strength in the vibrant embrace of Sicily—a land steeped in rich history, tantalizing cuisine, and unyielding traditions. Tembi’s enthralling storytelling paints vivid images of sun-kissed Mediterranean landscapes, while immersing readers in the flavors and scents of Sicilian culinary delights.

This memoir stands out from others in its genre due to its unique blend of heartfelt romance, profound loss, and the unyielding pursuit of finding a place to call home. Tembi Locke’s writing not only captures the raw emotions of love and longing but also delves into the intricate web of relationships and familial bonds that define our sense of belonging.

‘From Scratch’ transcends traditional memoirs, presenting an unforgettable tale of love, cultural exploration, and the indomitable human spirit. As readers delve deeper into the pages of this stirring narrative, they are sure to be touched by the universal themes of love, loss, and the enduring search for a place to call home.

So, come embark on this transformative journey with us as we savor each chapter, cherishing the joys and tribulations that underscore the true essence of ‘From Scratch.’ As love knows no boundaries, let us be transported to the sun-drenched shores of Sicily, where love, resilience, and the quest for belonging intertwine in the most profound and soul-stirring ways.

Writing Style and Narrative

Tembi Locke’s writing style in ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home’ is nothing short of enchanting. Through her elegant prose, she effortlessly paints a vivid and sensory-rich canvas, allowing readers to immerse themselves wholly in the sights, sounds, and emotions of her journey. As a reader, her words wove an unbreakable bond, making it feel as though we were right there beside her, experiencing every emotion firsthand.

One of the remarkable aspects of Locke’s writing is her adept use of literary devices. She masterfully employs metaphors and similes, infusing her story with depth and resonance. The descriptive language breathes life into Sicily’s stunning landscapes and the delectable dishes that grace its tables, making the reader feel like an integral part of the narrative.

The author’s storytelling techniques are equally compelling. She seamlessly switches between past and present, allowing the story to unfold in a manner that keeps us eagerly turning the pages. This approach enhances the suspense and makes the memoir feel like an intriguing blend of mystery and romance, where each revelation uncovers a new layer of understanding.

Regarding pacing, ‘From Scratch’ strikes a perfect balance, enabling readers to savor each moment while maintaining a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead. The steady rhythm of the narrative kept me engaged throughout, never feeling rushed nor dragging. This deliberate pacing heightened the emotional impact of the memoir, allowing us to fully absorb the highs and lows of Tembi’s experiences.

As a reader, I found myself emotionally invested in the journey, experiencing the joys and heartaches alongside the author. From laughter to tears, the emotional rollercoaster evoked by Locke’s writing is what truly sets this memoir apart. It left a lingering imprint on my heart, reminding me of the power of love, the resilience of the human spirit, and the beauty of finding a place to call home.

In conclusion, Tembi Locke’s exquisite writing style, adept use of literary devices, and impeccable storytelling technique make ‘From Scratch’ an unforgettable and compelling read. Whether you are a fan of memoirs or simply seeking an inspiring tale of love and self-discovery, this book is sure to resonate deeply with you, as it did with me. So, open its pages and let yourself be transported to the sun-kissed shores of Sicily, where love and the quest for belonging intertwine in a truly mesmerizing way.

Character Development

One of the standout features of ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home’ is the author’s remarkable ability to breathe life into the characters that grace its pages. Tembi Locke crafts a tapestry of authenticity, inviting readers to journey alongside her as she unveils the complexities of the individuals who shape her story.

The main characters in this memoir are portrayed with such depth and nuance that they become relatable and endearing. Each individual carries their unique burdens, dreams, and aspirations, making them feel like genuine people rather than mere literary constructs.

As the memoir progresses, the growth of the characters unfolds organically, with moments of vulnerability and strength shining through. Tembi deftly captures their struggles, triumphs, and inner conflicts, which resonated deeply with me as a reader. Witnessing their evolution, the characters felt like old friends—familiar yet constantly surprising.

Moreover, the characters’ relatability lies in their universal experiences of love, loss, and the longing for acceptance. Their raw emotions and authentic reactions to life’s trials make them compelling and deeply human. Whether navigating the intricacies of a cross-cultural relationship or grappling with the complexities of familial bonds, their journeys mirror our own, evoking empathy and understanding.

Throughout the memoir, Tembi Locke’s portrayal of the main characters reflects her profound love and appreciation for the individuals who have left indelible imprints on her life. Their flaws and virtues intertwine to create a rich tapestry of humanity—a tapestry that celebrates the beauty of imperfection and resilience.

As a reader, I found myself fully invested in the characters’ lives, rooting for their happiness, and sympathizing with their struggles. Their authenticity made ‘From Scratch’ an emotionally compelling and immersive experience—one that left me pondering the intricacies of love, family, and the quest for belonging.

In conclusion, the character development in ‘From Scratch’ is a masterful display of artistry and empathy on the part of Tembi Locke. The characters’ depth, growth, and relatability imbue this memoir with a profound sense of humanity. As you delve into the lives of these remarkable individuals, be prepared to embark on an emotional journey that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of love.

Emotional Impact

‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home’ by Tembi Locke is a literary masterpiece that left an indelible mark on my heart. This poignant memoir took me on an emotional odyssey, stirring a myriad of feelings—laughter, tears, and moments of profound contemplation.

As I delved into the pages of ‘From Scratch,’ I found myself engulfed in a whirlwind of emotions. Tembi’s storytelling prowess and her ability to infuse raw authenticity into every word made the narrative feel like an intimate conversation with a dear friend. There were moments of sheer joy, evoking genuine laughter as I experienced the heartwarming adventures of love and cultural fusion.

However, what struck me most profoundly was the heartache and vulnerability that permeated the memoir. The author bared her soul, sharing moments of grief and loss that echoed with a universal resonance. The tears flowed naturally as I empathized with her struggles, feeling the immense weight of love’s enduring power even amidst life’s most trying circumstances.

On a personal level, ‘From Scratch’ deeply resonated with me. As an individual who has also experienced the joys and complexities of cross-cultural relationships, I found solace in the relatability of Tembi’s journey. Her portrayal of navigating the delicate balance between different cultures and identities struck a chord, reminding me of my own quest for acceptance and belonging.

Beyond the confines of my own experiences, the memoir sparked moments of profound contemplation. It invited me to reflect on the notion of ‘home’—what it truly means to belong and the profound impact that love and family have on shaping our sense of self. Tembi’s courageous exploration of these themes prompted me to examine my own beliefs and aspirations, leaving me with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of life’s unpredictable twists and turns.

In the end, ‘From Scratch’ served as a poignant reminder that love knows no bounds, transcending borders, time, and even loss. Tembi Locke’s words touched the very core of my being, leaving me with a sense of gratitude for the highs and lows of the human experience.

In conclusion, ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home’ is an unforgettable emotional journey that embraces the full spectrum of human emotions. It made me laugh, cry, and ponder, leaving me forever changed. If you seek a soul-stirring tale that navigates the intricate web of love, loss, and belonging, then this memoir is an absolute must-read. Allow yourself to be captivated by its evocative prose, as you embark on a transformative voyage that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of love, no matter where life’s journey may take you.

Room for Improvement

While ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home’ is a profoundly moving and captivating memoir, there were some sections where I felt there was room for improvement. It is essential to approach every book with a balanced perspective, acknowledging both its strengths and areas that may not resonate as strongly with all readers.

One aspect that stood out was the occasional pacing of the narrative. While the majority of the book’s pacing was well-balanced, there were certain segments that felt slightly sluggish, hindering the overall flow. As a reader, I found myself yearning for a quicker progression during these moments to maintain the momentum of the story.

Additionally, certain events and characters, though integral to the memoir’s narrative, could have benefitted from further exploration. Digging deeper into their backstories and motivations would have enriched the emotional depth of the book, creating a more immersive reading experience.

Another aspect that some readers may find challenging is the occasional jump in the timeline. While the shifts between past and present added intrigue to the narrative, they might prove slightly disorienting for some, demanding closer attention to follow the timeline effectively.

Furthermore, a few transitions between chapters could have been smoother, enhancing the overall coherence of the memoir. Streamlining these transitions would have contributed to a more seamless reading experience, allowing readers to stay fully immersed in the emotional journey.

Despite these areas for improvement, it is essential to underscore that ‘From Scratch’ remains a compelling and emotionally resonant memoir. The vivid storytelling, genuine emotions, and heartfelt portrayal of love and belonging ultimately outweigh any minor concerns.

In conclusion, ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home’ is a beautifully written and deeply moving memoir. While there were moments where the pacing and transitions could have been further polished, the overall impact of the book remains profound. As readers, we must embrace the nuances of each literary work, recognizing that imperfections add depth to the human experience depicted within its pages. If you seek an intimate and transformative journey through the complexities of love, culture, and self-discovery, ‘From Scratch’ is a memoir that will leave an enduring imprint on your heart and soul.


In conclusion, ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home’ by Tembi Locke is a breathtaking journey of love, resilience, and self-discovery that tugs at the heartstrings with every word. Locke’s enchanting prose and the authentic portrayal of her cross-cultural odyssey make this memoir an emotional tour de force.

The book’s strengths lie in its ability to transport readers to the sun-kissed landscapes of Sicily, where love and tradition intertwine in a mesmerizing dance. Locke’s vivid storytelling and masterful use of literary devices leave an indelible mark on the reader’s soul.

While some minor areas for improvement exist, they do not overshadow the memoir’s overall brilliance. ‘From Scratch’ stands out among its peers, offering a unique blend of heartfelt romance, profound loss, and the unyielding pursuit of finding a place to call home.

I wholeheartedly encourage readers to embark on this transformative journey for themselves. Whether you seek an emotional rollercoaster that makes you laugh, cry, and ponder life’s intricacies or crave a tale that celebrates the beauty of resilience, ‘From Scratch’ will not disappoint.

So, dive into the embrace of ‘From Scratch,’ and let it whisk you away on an unforgettable odyssey. Celebrate the power of love, the essence of family, and the profound longing for belonging. For in this memoir, you will find the resonance of your own journey, as you savor the richness of life’s most profound and tender moments.

About the Author

Tembi Locke is an accomplished author, actress, and advocate, whose remarkable talents have left an indelible mark in the literary and entertainment world. Born with a passion for storytelling, she has graced both the big and small screens with her exceptional acting prowess. Beyond her successful acting career, Tembi ventured into the realm of writing, where her eloquence and depth of emotion shine through. Her memoir, ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home,’ has garnered widespread acclaim for its powerful portrayal of love, loss, and the pursuit of belonging. A captivating storyteller, Tembi Locke’s ability to weave heartwarming narratives has touched the hearts of readers around the globe, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of literature.

Dear fellow book enthusiasts and curious souls, I invite you to be a part of our vibrant community and engage with us by sharing your thoughts, feelings, and reflections on ‘From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home.’ Your comments and insights are precious to us as they add depth and perspective to our discussions. Let your voice be heard, and together, we can delve deeper into the emotional journey that this memoir offers. Feel free to share your own experiences of love, cross-cultural connections, and the quest for belonging. Don’t forget to spread the joy of reading by sharing this blog post on your favorite social media platforms, allowing others to be captivated by the power of ‘From Scratch.’ Let’s embark on this literary adventure together, united by our passion for books and the beauty of heartfelt storytelling.” – Your Book Corner

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