A Complete List of Top 19 Susan Wiggs Standalone Books

In the ever-expanding realm of literature, few authors possess the artistry and versatility of Susan Wiggs. With a pen as her paintbrush, she has woven countless tales that captivate the hearts of readers around the world. While book series often enchant us with the promise of an enduring narrative, there’s an enchanting allure to standalone novels – complete stories that take us on journeys of joy, heartbreak, and self-discovery in the span of a single book.

Today, we invite you to explore the world of Susan Wiggs and her standalone masterpieces. In this blog post, we aim to be your guiding star, presenting a comprehensive list of her standalone works, allowing you to choose your own adventure in the literary universe she has so beautifully crafted. Join us in celebrating the magic of standalone storytelling, where each book is a self-contained universe waiting to be explored.

List of Susan Wiggs Standalone Books

1. Snowfall in the City (2019)

2. The Oysterville Sewing Circle (2019)

3. Between You and Me (2018)

4. Family Tree (2016)

5. Map of the Heart (2017)

6. The Mistress of Normandy (1991)

7. The Lightkeeper (1997)

8. The Drifter (1998)

9. Lord of the Night (2009)

10. Just Breathe (2008)

11. The Ocean Between Us (2004)

12. Summer by the Sea (2004)

13. How I planned Your wedding (2011)

14. The You I never knew (2001)

15. Lakeside cottage (2005)

16. Home before Dark (1948)

17. The Goodbye Quilt (2011)

18. Passing Through Paradise (2002)

19. Table for Five (2001)

This list of Susan Wiggs’ standalone novels offers a diverse range of stories, each with its own unique blend of emotions, characters, and settings. Whether you’re in the mood for romance, family drama, or heartwarming tales of personal growth, Susan Wiggs’ standalone works have something for every reader.

Why Susan Wiggs Standalone Wiggs Books?

In a literary landscape populated with sprawling series and epic sagas, there’s an undeniable charm in the simplicity and emotional depth of standalone novels. Susan Wiggs, a name synonymous with the art of standalone storytelling, offers readers an exquisite array of complete narratives that beckon exploration. But why choose her standalone works? Let’s delve into the unique advantages and the captivating allure of these novels.

1. Complete Stories in One Sitting

Standalone novels are a treasure for readers who seek closure in a single book. No waiting for sequels or cliffhangers here. With Susan Wiggs’ standalone works, you’re invited to immerse yourself fully in a story that begins and ends within the pages of a single book.

2. Diverse Themes and Genres

Susan Wiggs’ versatility as a writer shines in her standalone novels. From heartwarming romances to family sagas, her works traverse a wide spectrum of emotions and themes. You can traverse the idyllic shores of Willow Lake in one book and then explore the mysteries of an apple orchard in the next.

3. Depth of Characterization

With a single book to convey her characters’ journeys, Susan Wiggs crafts protagonists with rich backgrounds, relatable flaws, and undeniable growth. This depth of characterization allows readers to connect intimately with the story’s heroes and heroines.

4. Emotional Resonance

One of the author’s signature strengths lies in her ability to evoke raw emotions and empathy in her readers. Whether it’s the celebration of love, the healing of wounds, or the power of friendship, Susan Wiggs’ standalone novels are an emotional rollercoaster worth experiencing.

5. Reputation and Popularity

Susan Wiggs has earned a well-deserved reputation in the literary world. With numerous bestsellers and accolades under her belt, she has garnered a dedicated fan base. Her storytelling prowess and knack for crafting relatable, engaging narratives have made her a trusted name for readers seeking standalone gems.

In a world where the fast pace of life often limits our reading time, Susan Wiggs’ standalone novels provide a sanctuary of complete narratives that touch the heart and leave a lasting impression.

Brief Overview of Susan Wiggs Writing Style

At the heart of Susan Wiggs’ standalone novels lies a writing style that is as comforting as it is compelling. Her unique approach to storytelling weaves together the threads of emotion, connection, and richly detailed narratives. Let’s explore what sets her writing style apart and the recurring themes and elements that grace the pages of her standalone works. Susan Wiggs is a master at evoking emotions in her readers. Her writing has an inherent ability to touch the heart, whether through the exploration of love, the healing of emotional wounds, or the joy of rediscovery. Her characters are crafted with depth and authenticity, making their emotional journeys not only relatable but deeply affecting. Family, in all its complex and beautiful forms, often takes center stage in Susan Wiggs’ standalone novels. Whether it’s the bonds between siblings, the rediscovery of lost connections, or the forging of new relationships, the theme of family is a recurring element that adds depth to her narratives. 

Many of Wiggs’ characters embark on journeys of self-discovery and healing. Her stories resonate with readers who appreciate tales of personal growth, redemption, and the power of second chances. The themes of self-acceptance and finding inner strength are prevalent throughout her works. Susan Wiggs has a keen eye for portraying the importance of community and the bonds that form within it. In her standalone novels, characters often find solace, support, and love within the communities they are a part of, highlighting the significance of human connection.

Her writing style is an invitation to explore the intricacies of human emotions and connections, making her standalone novels a treasure trove for those who appreciate stories that touch the soul.


In the realm of literature, where stories unfurl across multiple volumes and intricate plotlines, Susan Wiggs stands as a beacon of storytelling simplicity and emotional richness. Her standalone novels, each a self-contained universe, offer readers a treasure trove of complete narratives that leave lasting imprints on the heart. The charm of her writing style, the emotional depth of her characters, and the relatable themes that thread through her stories create an experience like no other. As you’ve journeyed through this list of Susan Wiggs’ standalone works and explored the intricacies of her writing style, we hope you’ve felt the pull of her literary magic. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a newcomer eager to embark on a new reading adventure, Susan Wiggs’ standalone novels promise a world where emotions run deep, and connections are forged in the most unexpected places.

It’s time to pick up one of her standalone books, immerse yourself in a complete tale of love, growth, or rediscovery, and allow the magic of her storytelling to wash over you. Join the countless readers who have found solace, inspiration, and joy in the pages of her books, and discover the beauty of standalone narratives that stand alone, yet never truly leave you. Dive into the world of Susan Wiggs and let her words wrap around your soul, providing a literary escape you’ll cherish for years to come.

About the Author

Susan Wiggs, a prolific and celebrated author, has left an indelible mark on the world of contemporary fiction. With a literary career spanning decades, she is renowned for her heartwarming storytelling and emotionally resonant narratives. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Susan’s connection to nature and community is reflected in the vivid settings of her novels, from the tranquil shores of Willow Lake to the rustic charm of apple orchards. Her ability to evoke raw emotions and create characters with depth has earned her a devoted readership worldwide. 

Over the years, Susan Wiggs has crafted an impressive body of work, including bestselling series and standalone novels, each a testament to her storytelling prowess. With themes centered around love, family, healing, and self-discovery, her books provide a sanctuary for those seeking complete narratives that touch the heart. As a beloved author, Susan Wiggs continues to captivate readers with her artistry, offering stories that are both timeless and profoundly moving.

‘’Our exploration of Susan Wiggs’ standalone novels is just the beginning of a literary journey that we invite you to be a part of. Have you already experienced the magic of Wiggs’ storytelling, or are you discovering her works for the first time? Share your thoughts, personal favorites, or any heartwarming connections you’ve made with her characters.

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Spread the joy of standalone narratives and Susan Wiggs’ artistry with others, inviting them to join the conversation. Together, we can celebrate the beauty of complete stories and the magic of timeless literature. Thank you for being a part of our literary community!’’Your Book Corner

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