A Complete List of James Patterson Standalone Novels

Imagine stepping into the boundless world of storytelling, where the genius of James Patterson, a name synonymous with literary excellence, knows no bounds. He’s the mastermind behind gripping series like Alex Cross and Women’s Murder Club, but today, we’re embarking on a different journey—one that delves into the standalone gems crafted by this prolific wordsmith. In this blog post, we invite you to explore the captivating universe of James Patterson’s standalone novels. Brace yourself for an exhilarating ride through genres as diverse as the human experience itself. Whether you’re a seasoned Patterson enthusiast or just discovering his talents, our comprehensive list is your passport to a world of thrilling narratives, unforgettable characters, and unexpected twists.

List of James Patterson’s Standalone Novels

1. The Thomas Berryman Number (1976)
2. Season of the Machete (1977)
3. See How They Run (1979)
4. Cradle and All (1980)
5. Black Friday (1986)
6. The Midnight Club (1988)
7. Hide & Seek (1995)
8. Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas (2001)
9. The Beach House (2002)
10. The Jester (2003)
11. Sam’s Letters to Jennifer (2004)
12. Lifeguard (2005)
13. Beach Road (2006)
14. Judge & Jury (2006)
15. The Quickie (2007)
16. You’ve Been Warned (2007)
17. Sundays at Tiffany’s (2008)
18. Sail (2008)
19. Swimsuit (2009)
20. The Postcard Killers (2010)
21. Don’t Blink (2010)
22. Toys (2011)
23. Now You See Her (2011)
24. Kill Me If You Can (2011)
25. Boys Will Be Boys (2011) (Short Story)
26. The Christmas Wedding (2011)
27. Guilty Wives (2012)
28. Mistress (2013)
29. Truth or Die (2015)
30. The Murder House (2015)
31. Woman of God (2016)
32. Two From the Heart (2017)
33. The Store (2017)
34. The President is Missing (2018)
35. Juror #3 (2018)
36. The First Lady (2018)
37. The Warning (2019)
38. The Summer House (2020)
39. Cajun Justice (2020)
40. 1st Case (2020)
41. The Midwife Murders (2020)
42. The Coast-to-Coast Murders (2020)
43. Three Women Disappear (2020)
44. The Palm Beach Murders (2021)
45. The President’s Daughter (2021)
46. The Shadow (2021)
47. The Noise (2021)
48. The Jailhouse Lawyer (2021)
49. 2 Sisters Detective Agency (2021)
50. The Horsewoman (2022)
51. Steal (2022)
52. Run, Rose, Run (2022)
53. Death of the Black Widow (2022) (with J.D. Barker)
54. The Ninth Month (2022)
55. Blowback (2022) (with Brendan DuBios)
56. The Twelve Long, Hard, Topsy-Turvy, Very Messy Days of Christmas (2022)
57. The House of Wolves (2023) (with Mike Lupica)
58. 3 Days to Live (February 2023)
59. Countdown (March 2023) (with Brendan DuBios)
60. Circle of Death (July 2023) (with Brian Sitts)
61. Lion & Lamb (2023) (with Duane Swierczynski)
62. Holmes, Miss Marple, and Poe Investigations (2024) (with Brian Sitts)
63. The #1 Lawyer (2024) (with Nancy Allen)

This extensive list showcases James Patterson’s remarkable ability to craft standalone novels across various genres, offering readers a diverse and captivating literary experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a thrilling mystery, heartwarming romance, or a thought-provoking narrative, Patterson’s stand-alone novels have something for every avid reader.

Why Stand-alone Novels by James Patterson?

When it comes to the literary world of James Patterson, it’s not just about the famous series like Alex Cross or Women’s Murder Club. While these series have garnered well-deserved attention and a dedicated fan base, there’s something truly special about Patterson’s stand-alone novels that deserves a spotlight of its own.

1. A Self-Contained Adventure:

Stand-alone novels offer a complete and self-contained reading experience in a single book. You dive into a world of suspense, romance, or intrigue, and you get the satisfaction of a resolved story all in one go.

Unlike series, you don’t need to commit to multiple volumes or remember intricate plot details from previous books. Each stand-alone novel is a fresh start, making them perfect for readers with busy lives or short attention spans.

2. Versatility Unleashed:

James Patterson’s mastery truly shines in his stand-alone works. These novels showcase his incredible versatility as a storyteller. From psychological thrillers to heartwarming romances and thought-provoking dramas, he delves into various genres with finesse.

You can jump from a nail-biting crime thriller one moment to a tender and emotional family drama in the next. Patterson’s ability to switch between genres demonstrates his creativity and keeps readers intrigued.

3. Unique Stories, Unique Experiences:

With stand-alone novels, James Patterson has the freedom to craft entirely unique stories. Each book is a fresh canvas, allowing him to experiment with different plots, characters, and settings.

This diversity ensures that there’s a James Patterson stand-alone novel for every mood and taste. Whether you’re in the mood for a spine-tingling mystery or a heartwarming tale of human connection, you’ll find it within his stand-alone repertoire.

4. No Waiting Required:

One of the joys of stand-alone novels is that there’s no need to anxiously await the next installment. You can pick up any of Patterson’s stand-alone works and dive right into the story without the anticipation of a sequel.

This instant gratification is perfect for readers who prefer resolutions to cliffhangers, allowing you to savor the complete narrative without interruptions.

In a literary world filled with sequels and series, James Patterson’s stand-alone novels offer a breath of fresh air. They provide a diverse range of stories, each with its own unique charm, and they showcase the author’s remarkable storytelling skills in a format that’s easily accessible to all. Whether you’re a die-hard Patterson fan or a newcomer, exploring his stand-alone novels is an adventure waiting to unfold.

So, why not embark on a journey through the pages of his stand-alone works and discover the literary treasures that await your imagination? Each novel promises an unforgettable experience, and you won’t need to wait for the next chapter to continue the adventure.

Popularity and Critical Reception

James Patterson’s stand-alone novels have not only captured the hearts of readers but have also earned critical acclaim, cementing his status as a prolific and versatile author. Let’s explore some of his stand-alone works that have left an indelible mark on the literary landscape:

1. “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” (2001)

This poignant and heartfelt novel tells the story of a woman who leaves behind a diary for her husband and child. It’s a beautiful exploration of love, loss, and the enduring power of memory. Readers and critics alike have praised its emotional depth.

2. “The Beach House” (2002)

“The Beach House” is a gripping tale of suspense and family secrets set against the backdrop of a picturesque beach house. Its thrilling plot and well-drawn characters have made it a favorite among mystery enthusiasts.

3. “Sail” (2008)

In “Sail,” Patterson takes readers on a high-seas adventure filled with suspense and intrigue. The novel’s fast-paced narrative and maritime backdrop have garnered praise for its unique and thrilling storyline.

4. “The Postcard Killers” (2010)

Co-authored with Swedish writer Liza Marklund, this international thriller follows a couple’s quest to solve a series of gruesome murders. The novel’s gripping plot and international intrigue have earned it a dedicated following.

5. “The Murder House” (2015)

A chilling tale of murder and secrets in a luxurious Hamptons home, “The Murder House” has been celebrated for its intricate plot twists and suspenseful storytelling.

6. “The President’s Daughter” (2021)

Written in collaboration with former President Bill Clinton, this political thriller has garnered attention for its high-stakes plot and insider perspective. It’s a gripping exploration of power, intrigue, and suspense.

Awards and Accolades:

While James Patterson’s stand-alone novels have earned commercial success, they have also received recognition in the literary world. “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas” was a New York Times Best Seller, and “The Beach House” was adapted into a successful television movie.

“The Postcard Killers” received praise for its international flavor and intricate mystery, earning a spot on bestseller lists.

“The President’s Daughter” made waves for its collaboration with a former U.S. president and its compelling narrative.

James Patterson’s ability to captivate readers with his stand-alone novels is not only evident in their popularity but also in the critical acclaim they’ve garnered. Whether you’re in search of an emotional journey, a thrilling mystery, or an international adventure, Patterson’s stand-alone works offer a rich tapestry of storytelling that continues to enthrall readers worldwide. Dive into these acclaimed novels, and you’ll discover why they’ve earned a special place on bookshelves and in the hearts of readers everywhere.


In the illustrious career of James Patterson, known for his enthralling series and captivating characters, the stand-alone novels hold a special place. These self-contained gems showcase his versatility as a storyteller and offer readers a diverse range of narratives, from heartwarming tales of love and family to pulse-pounding mysteries and international adventures.

For both seasoned fans of Patterson and newcomers to his writing, the stand-alone novels offer a unique opportunity to experience the boundless creativity of this literary luminary. You can embark on a literary journey without the commitment of a series, savoring complete stories in a single book.

So, whether you’ve been a lifelong admirer of James Patterson’s works or you’re just discovering his literary prowess, we invite you to dive into his stand-alone novels. Explore the rich tapestry of emotions, suspense, and unforgettable characters that await you within these pages. It’s a literary adventure that promises to leave you spellbound and craving more.

Begin your journey into the world of James Patterson’s stand-alone novels today, and uncover the magic that has enchanted readers around the globe for decades. Your next captivating story is just a page-turn away.

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