4 Best Authors Like Victoria Thompson – An Ultimate List

In the enchanting world of historical mystery fiction, few authors captivate readers quite like Victoria Thompson. Her immersive narratives and compelling characters have created a devoted fan base hungry for more.

If you find yourself turning the last page of a Thompson novel, yearning for another literary journey that evokes the same magic, fear not! This blog post is your key to discovering a trove of authors who weave tales akin to Thompson’s brilliance. 

Join us as we traverse the landscape of historical mysteries, unveiling hidden gems and talented writers who, like Thompson, have mastered the art of captivating storytelling.

List of Authors like Victoria Thompson

Victoria Thompson’s literary allure has cultivated a craving for more historical mystery magic. Fear not, fellow bibliophiles, as we present a handpicked selection of authors who share the same enchanting qualities. Explore their worlds and discover narratives rich in historical intricacies, compelling characters, and suspenseful plots.

1. Carola Dunn

Step into the captivating world of Carola Dunn, a luminary in historical mystery fiction. With a pen dipped in nostalgia and intrigue, Dunn has garnered acclaim for her ability to transport readers to bygone eras.

Similar Writing Style or Themes: Much like Victoria Thompson, Carola Dunn excels in crafting tales that seamlessly blend historical accuracy with engaging mysteries. Her attention to detail and vivid character portrayals evoke the same charm found in Thompson’s works.

Notable Works:

 Daisy Dalrymple Series: Start your journey with the Daisy Dalrymple series, beginning with “Death at Wentwater Court.” Follow amateur sleuth Daisy as she navigates crime in post-World War I England.

Cornish Mysteries: Delve into the charm of Cornwall with Dunn’s Cornish Mysteries, including “Manna from Hades,” where the picturesque landscape serves as a backdrop for thrilling mysteries.

2. Kathryn Miller Haines

Meet Kathryn Miller Haines, a rising star in the historical mystery genre. Haines weaves narratives that blend the allure of the past with gripping tales of suspense, capturing the essence cherished by Victoria Thompson enthusiasts.

Commonalities with Victoria Thompson: Kathryn Miller Haines shares with Thompson a dedication to creating strong, independent female protagonists and immersive historical settings. Readers can expect the same page-turning excitement found in Thompson’s novels.

Notable Works:

Rosie Winter Series: Begin your exploration with “The War Against Miss Winter,” where aspiring actress Rosie Winter finds herself entangled in intriguing mysteries against the backdrop of World War II.

The Body in the Boudoir: Dive into Haines’ standalone mysteries, such as “The Body in the Boudoir,” where glamor and suspense collide in post-war Hollywood.

3. Elizabeth Bailey

Discover Elizabeth Bailey, a wordsmith with a penchant for historical mysteries that transport readers through time. Bailey’s narratives capture the spirit of the past while delivering riveting plots that echo the brilliance of Victoria Thompson. 

Shared Elements with Victoria Thompson:

Elizabeth Bailey shares Thompson’s commitment to meticulous historical research and the creation of compelling characters. Prepare to be transported to worlds where mystery and history coalesce seamlessly.

Notable Works:

Lady Fan Mystery Series: Begin your literary journey with “The Gilded Shroud,” where Lady Fan, a captivating amateur detective, unravels mysteries in Regency England. Bailey’s keen eye for historical detail shines in this series.

4. Rhys Bowen

Enter the realm of Rhys Bowen, a master storyteller celebrated for her historical mysteries that enchant and captivate. Bowen’s narratives, much like Victoria Thompson, offer readers an immersive experience in the past.

Shared Elements with Victoria Thompson:

Rhys Bowen shares Thompson’s knack for combining historical accuracy with compelling storytelling. Fans of Thompson’s works will appreciate Bowen’s ability to transport readers to different eras while maintaining a gripping plot.

Notable Works:

Her Royal Spyness Series: Embark on a delightful journey with the Her Royal Spyness series, starting with “Her Royal Spyness.” Follow Lady Georgiana as she navigates aristocratic society while solving mysteries in 1930s England.

Molly Murphy Mysteries: Dive into Bowen’s Molly Murphy Mysteries, featuring the intrepid Irish immigrant-turned-private detective in early 20th-century New York.

Understanding Authors Similar to Victoria Thompson

As we embark on a literary exploration akin to Victoria Thompson’s captivating style, it’s essential to delve into the unique nuances that define each comparable author. Understanding the shared elements and distinctive qualities of these writers will enrich your reading journey and offer a deeper appreciation for the historical mystery genre.

Carola Dunn: Nostalgic Allure of Eras Past

Carola Dunn’s mastery lies in her ability to transport readers to different historical epochs, infusing her narratives with a nostalgic allure that mirrors the charm found in Victoria Thompson’s works. Dive into the intricate plots and vivid characterizations as Dunn unfolds tales that resonate with the essence of times gone by.

Kathryn Miller Haines: Empowering Protagonists in Historical Landscapes

Kathryn Miller Haines excels in crafting narratives that celebrate strong, independent female protagonists set against rich historical landscapes. Much like Thompson, Haines’s characters navigate the complexities of their times, providing readers with not only thrilling mysteries but also empowering tales of resilience.

Elizabeth Bailey: Meticulous Historical Research and Compelling Characters

Elizabeth Bailey’s works are a testament to meticulous historical research and the creation of compelling characters that resonate with readers. Explore her stories to witness the seamless integration of historical accuracy with the gripping allure of mystery, a combination that mirrors the qualities cherished in Victoria Thompson’s novels.

Rhys Bowen: Immersive Historical Environments with Gripping Plots

Rhys Bowen’s narratives stand out for their ability to immerse readers in historical environments while maintaining a tight grip on the plot. Much like Victoria Thompson, Bowen takes readers on a journey through time, offering not just historical accuracy but also plots that keep them eagerly turning the pages.

Understanding the distinctive qualities of each author allows readers to curate a personalized reading list tailored to their preferences. Whether you’re drawn to the nostalgic allure of bygone eras, the empowerment of strong protagonists, meticulous historical research, or immersive historical environments, these authors provide a diverse tapestry of historical mystery fiction that echoes the brilliance of Victoria Thompson.


As we bid adieu to this literary journey through historical mystery fiction, the pages turned and worlds explored echo the timeless charm of Victoria Thompson’s storytelling. From the elegance of Carola Dunn to the empowering narratives of Kathryn Miller Haines, the rich historical tapestry of Elizabeth Bailey to the seamless integration of history and suspense by Rhys Bowen, each author unravels a unique narrative spell.

Embark on this reading adventure, and let the echoes of eras past and the intrigue of captivating mysteries linger. Whether you find solace in the evocative descriptions of time-traveling narratives or immerse yourself in the meticulous historical details that bring characters to life, these authors offer a tapestry of delights for every historical mystery enthusiast.

Let this be a springboard for your literary explorations, a compass guiding you toward new authors and captivating tales. Share your discoveries, join the discourse, and revel in the magic that historical mystery fiction unveils. As you close one chapter, anticipate the next with eagerness, for the world of historical mysteries is vast, and the adventures are endless.

About the Author

Victoria Thompson, a luminary in historical mystery fiction, has enchanted readers with her captivating narratives and immersive storytelling. With a keen eye for period detail, Thompson breathes life into bygone eras, transporting readers to the gaslit streets of turn-of-the-century New York.

Best known for her popular Gaslight Mystery Series featuring midwife-sleuth Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy, Thompson’s works seamlessly blend historical accuracy with suspenseful plots. Her intricate character portrayals and meticulous research have earned her acclaim in the genre.

As an author committed to delivering enthralling tales, Victoria Thompson continues to leave an indelible mark on the world of historical mysteries.

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